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Riverside Location

3679 Arlington Ave. Suite H
Riverside, CA 92506

Call: (951) 808-1960
Text: (909) 297-0570

Welcome to EO Tan, Your Spray Tanning Specialists

Voted the Best Airbrush Tanning Company in the Inland Empire

EO Tan® "The Premier Airbrush Tanning Company™", based in Riverside California provides service throughout the Inland Empire area. We have been voted #1 since 2010 in the Inland Empire area by the public on CityVoters IE Hotlist. We provide a unique experience as our tanning can be done in your own home (mobile) or at one of our salon locations. Currently we have locations in Riverside, Norco and Chino. Our proprietary sunless solution (Tantress®) offers the best natural bronzed color. Our reviews and before and after pictures are a testament to it.

In the custom sunless tanning industry, the tan that is applied by a tanning technician (Tantress) is referred to as a spray tanning or airbrush tanning. The tan is applied by hand using a handheld application spray tanning system. We are very particular on the system we use because the system someone uses will affect how your airbrush tan is applied. Our system allows us to apply your tan so no areas are missed and it can be applied evenly through out your entire body.

A Tantress (Certified Tanning Technician through EO Tan only) are all trained over a period of time. When they work for EO Tan, they have gone through a lot of clients before they are running on their own. We make sure someone from our team will give you that  bronzed, flawless, natural and beautiful tan you want. We know there is no time for mistakes as our clients are getting an airbrush tan for a reason. Yes, the tan will help hide stretch marks and there is NO ORANGE! or Oompa Loompa. Please take the time to check out our website as we offer some of the most depth information about sunless tanning. Our years of experience and understanding are what set us apart. Airbrush tanning to us is truly an art form.

Don't forget to check follow us on Facebook as we offer specials and video discounts from time to time. To see pictures of clients, Tantress', and all the good times we have at EO Tan, please visit Instagram

Before Spray Tanning Tips

  1. Contact EO Tan for Appointment.
  2. Exfoliate with exfoliating mitten (MicrodermaMitt) 24-48 hours before appointment.
  3. Get Your Manicure & Pedicure.
  4. Shave or Wax.
  5. Shower and use Sunless Tanning Scrub – DON’T use any bar soap, or soaps that contain moisturizers or oil, etc (loofah’s and apricot face scrub do not exfoliate and do not work correctly as a sunless tanning scrub).
  6. Remove any makeup, lotions or deodorant. This creates a barrier between the tanning solution and your skin.
  7. Bring loose clothing and sandals to your appointment – Ex: Sundress, pajama bottoms and large shirt.

After Spray Tanning Care

  1. DO NOT touch water and avoid activities that cause you to sweat for at least 8 hours after your tan.
  2. Shower after 8 to 10 hours, or preferably sleep in it.
  3. DO NOT use any exfoliating products, microdermabrasion, Band Aids, Face Masks, Bioré Pore Strips, Anti-Aging or Anti Acne products, hair removal creams and shaving creams.
  4. If you shave use hair conditioner.
  5. Other Tips - Some products can cause faster fading such as bar soaps, alcohol based products such as toners and astringents. If you are going to be in a pool or at the beach, be sure to wear a thick “waterproof” or “sport” SPF to create a barrier between your tan and the water.
Must Do for Flawless Tan

Mobile Spray Tanning Service

EO Tan's salon in Riverside has grown a lot and become so busy we had to bring in a new Tantress to handle our mobile tanning appointments. Kristy will still be handling by request only mobile spray tans as long as the request is long in advance. Please call or text her to book a mobile appointment at 909-297-0570. Our new Tantress Meghan Schive will be handling all the mobile appointments and operating our new Claremont Tanning Salon. As Claremont grows we will bring a new Tantress in to make sure we can provide superior mobile spray tanning services.

Tantress Meghan will provide spray tanning services to Riverside, Corona, Norco, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, Fontana, Redlands, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, Beaumont, and Perris. We are currently expanding our service areas beyond the Inland Empire and into the Claremont and surround areas.

Thank you and we look forward to making you bronzed!

Why Mobile Spray Tanning?

Mobile tanning is the ultimate in convenience. No matter what your hectic life is like, sometimes getting somewhere can be impossible. Whether you have kids at home, don't have time due to your busy schedule, can't stand being stuck in traffic or you simply love the comfort of your own home and money isn't an issue. No matter the situation, mobile tanning service is here to make your life and getting a beautiful that golden tan as easy as possible. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment and we will be at your door in no time.

The Mobile Process

The process takes about 20 minutes from set up to take down. EO Tan provides EVERYTHING you need for a flawless, beautiful airbrush tan. The Pop-Up Tanning Tent will protect your carpet and floors. Your airbrush tan will take place in this tent, and the very little overspray will simply fall into the bottom of the tent, and not on your floor. There is no need for you to stress about a mess!

We provide protection for the bottom of your feet (sticky feet) in order to keep solution from absorbing and turning your feet dark. You never want too much solution on your hands and feet or they will be very dark. Our EO Tan Tantress' are highly trained to be sure your hands and feet look normal, and not like an Oompa Loompa.

After your airbrush tan, the Tantress will dry you for a few minutes. After that, you are fine to put dark colored, baggy clothes on. You may also stay naked, which is one of the comforts of getting tanned at your place.

Truly Convenient at Home

Mobile Spray Tanning Party Service

If you choose to have an EO Tan mobile tanning party, the process is the same as the single session tanning process. Once started, the process takes about 10-15 minutes per person. Parties consist of 2 people and up. There is no limit as to how many you have in your party.

Typically, the Tantress will set up in a private area (bedroom, garage, etc) so that those that are a little more embarrassed can still have privacy during the tan. This way, people do not have to get tanned in the same room as where the party is taking place. If people are not embarrassed and do not need privacy, the Tantress can set up wherever is most convenient for everyone.

Theprice of the party depends on how many people are getting tanned.

Ready to Have a Party?

At Salon Spray Tanning Service

Our tanning salon is fully equipped with everything you need for spray tanning. We are running a 14" duck fan that has two opening above you to make sure you have proper ventilation while getting tanned. We also have the proper lighting and of course a huge mirror to look at your new sexy self when you are done getting airbrush tanned.

We carry all the safety tanning items the FDA recommends for your use at no extra charge. We are a VIP service that includes everything you need for airbrush tanning. We have two extra chairs in the tanning room for your friends to attend your tanning session with you. Many clients bring a couple of friends and it turns into a great time.

The Tanning Process

Since the room is already set up, the process takes about 10 to 15 minutes from your arrival to your departure. If you are a new client you will have to fill out a client consent form which is customary with any airbrush tanning company. The preparation process takes a few minutes as we have to make sure you are prepared for the airbrush tan.

Having the process take less than 15 minutes makes it super easy for you to come on your lunch break, or swing by on your way home. Typically, the prices if you come to us is cheaper than the mobile rate, unless you are having a tanning party of 5 or more.

All specials are also done at the EO Tan location. Specials are ran on Mondays, Tuesdays, and on holidays.

Our State of the Art Salon

Vitiligo Airbrush Tanning

EO Tan offers a trial service for anyone with Vitiligo. EO Tan has directed a lot of our attention to help people who are bothered by the skin disorder and want to feel as many have told us, "normal again." As we build a relationship with you, we are testing to see how much solution will be needed to create an even blend though out your entire body. We are able to adjust the amount of spray and the spray size to help blend the Vitiligo. The technique we developed has had great results. It is very unique and different than tanning someone without Vitiligo.

We would like to do before and after pictures to show the results. The pictures will be focused on the Vitiligo areas and not a full body picture unless you are completely comfortable with it. We will leave that up to you on how comfortable you are.

If you are interested please contact us:

Call or Text (909) 297-0570 Your Vitiligo Tanning Experts
  • "It was my first time getting my first time getting airbrush tan. I loved it, it looked amazing. Thank you Kristy for the great job that you did. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends."

    Brigette Vargas
  • "I would definitely recommend having this done. Kristy was so punctual and very professional...It was so amazing that she can do this in the privacy of your home. I will be a return customer for sure."

  • "I always have the BEST experience tanning with Kristy. She is very professional and gives the most AMAZING tans EVER. She personalizes every shade to match your skin tone and never leaves me looking orange or obviously tanned, my tans always look natural, beautiful and authentic. Plus, she is SUPER FRIENDLY and has always made me 100% comfortable. I would NEVER recommend anyone else to my friends and family, Kristy is the VERY BEST!!!"

    Francis A.
  • "My tantress diva.. she made it so comfortable.. so easy.. been my first time I thought it would be so uncomfortable. . She made me feel like a diva myself.. flawless.. no ugly smell.. NO DORA THE EXPLORER LOOK.. (orange skin) highly recommended.. perfection..!x's10 !!"

    Alma H.
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