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EO Tan Before and After Pictures Spray Tanning Inland Empire Riverside

Before and After Pictures for Spray Sunless Tanning

In these before and after pictures you will notice the color difference between each model. We customize every tan to each persons desired color, skin tone and type. Each person can tan differently according to numerous factors. To make sure you airbrush tan comes out flawless, you need to prepare for your tan correctly. How to prepare for your spray tan.

The Tantress will explain how the tanning works and what expectations you should have with the tan. We can control the amount of sunless solution used and can apply more coats over specific parts of your body to give you a darker tan. Free of charge no matter how many coats! Being able to customize your tan allows us to make it natural looking. View our before and after spray tanning pictures and look at all the problems spots most tanning companies give their clients. You won't see it here at EO Tan.

We would like to thank everyone for coming to our before and after photo shoots. If you have never been to one of our photo shoots before, our shoots are done on two consecutive days. This way you see the before and the after is 24 hours later. Not after pictures taken with bronzer on like most companies display. We will be hosting new photo shoots from time to time. We will keep you posted. Our pictures are not touched up or photo enhanced so to give you as true of a look as we can. Everyone is darker in person because the lights can wash you out a little. These are taking inside a photo studio.