Frequently Asked Questions

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MSNBC Story "Tanning Junkies Soak Up New Cancer Warning"
By Melissa Dahl (Health Writer) msnbc.com

Tanning aficionados are thinking twice after a new report that says tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation are deadly as arsenic and mustard gas. Click here for full story.

Tanning Beds Substantially Raise Skin Cancer Risk (by 74%)

Cancer epidemiologist and lead researcher DeAnn Lazovich of the University of Minnesota says melanoma risk was 74 percent higher for the people who tanned indoors compared with those who didn't. To read full story click here.

Absolutely the safest way to achieve a tan! Airbrush tanning is the fastest, safest way to have an instant bronze without the premature aging and skin damage that UV rays cause. The active ingredient in airbrush tanning solutions is DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which has been approved for use in sunless tanning by the FDA for over 30 years. DHA derived from raw sugar cane and reacts with the amino acids (proteins) in the outer layer of the skin to produce a bronze color. Our solution is a premium product to produce a natural looking color that we customize to your skin tone. As always we ask that you consult your physician before your airbrush tan if you have any concerns.
We have never turned anyone orange since our existence. Making a person orange is very symbolic of Mystic Tanning (the booth that spray you). That solution still tends to turn you orange. However, we are NOT the same as the Mystic spray tan. We do carry our own line of solution which has been tested on about every skin type you can think of. The only way the color will not come out as it should would be for you to come in dirty (no shower and body has all of its natural oils on your skin) or you put a barrier lotion over your skin. You want to come in exfoliated and clear of all lotions, makeup and perfumes. As an example, when you add perfume on your skin, you then change the composition of the solution by adding the ingredients of your perfume.
We definitely recommend you wear dark, loose clothing to try to prevent the color guard from rubbing off on your clothes. If you do see some color rub off prior to your first shower, it should completely wash out when you wash your clothes. Do not wear spandex / lycra, wool, nylon, silk, or leather as these can all stain.
It should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes for a full body tan. Since EO Tan always gives you as many coats as needed, it usually takes 15 minutes, which includes 5 more minutes for drying time.
Your airbrush tan typically will last between 7-10 days depending on your after tan skincare. The day after your tan, we recommend moisturizing daily (2 times a day for very dry skin). The BEST WAY for your tan to last the longest is by using the Microdermamitt and the Sunless Scrub in combination with each other. Click Here. We have had clients have their tan last over two weeks when using these products. Depending on how fast your skin naturally exfoliates itself also depends on how long your airbrush tan will last.
You may wear a dark, snug fitting swimsuit or undergarment. Some women opt to have no tan lines at all. Men may not tan nude. We do ask that men wear some type of undergarment (boxers, boxer briefs, underwear, or a sock must be worn at all times). Clients under 18 must have a legal guardian present, and may not under any circumstances tan nude. Click here for more information.
Absolutely. In fact, there is no SPF protection in the airbrush solution. If you would normally tan in the sun, you will still tan with your airbrush tan. If you would normally burn, you will still burn with your airbrush tan. I always recommend wearing SPF protection with or without an airbrush tan.
The solution will not discolor nail polish. Our solution is a water base. However, we will have you apply a specialized lotion to nails and cuticles prior to a sunless airbrush application. The EO Tan Tantress will also wipe your nails down after the airbrush tan.
If you have any concerns please contact your doctor.
I tan people frequently who have a sun burn. It is not recommended to ever get a tan with a sun burn because your skin is damaged from the sun and it could peel. Its hard to exfoliate if your skin is damaged. When your skin peels off, so will your airbrush tan. We always ask if you've exfoliated to make sure you have removed that top layer of dead skin. This way we are working with fresh skin that will not naturally peel for 7 to 10 days.
We have been providing superior service to our clients for many years now. Our clientele and reviews are testament to it. We always go that extra step for our clients and offer the best products. Please read our reviews on Google, Yelp, Yahoo and other sources.
Being that we a service, we always appreciate when someone tips. However, by no means are you required to do so.
EO stands for Elevating Ordinary. The difference between ordinary and elevating ordinary is that little extra. That is exactly what EO Tan is all about, going that little extra to make sure our clients are beyond happy. We are all about Elevating Ordinary to Extraordinary!